The Great College Radio Hoax

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Welcome to the Great College Radio Hoax!

An Audio Comedy in Eight Half Hour Episodes.

Through your web travels, you have stumbled upon the site dedicated to an audio play some 15 years in the making.  Conceived of long ago by the then-much younger production team of David Vaughn, Patrick McVay and Richard Mott, miraculously funded by the NEA even though there is nothing particularly offensive involved, recorded in digital stereo and painstakingly edited over what feels like a couple of centuries, The Great College Radio Hoax has finally emerged from production purgatory to bounce off the eardrums of people just like you.               

Inside the eight half-hour episodes of Hoax, you will find a world of evil land developers, dimwitted higher-ed administrators, idealistic students, and shaggy college mascots.  Fully-dramatized and loaded with original music that we actually have license to use, the Great College Radio Hoax can be downloaded with impunity for your convenient listening pleasure. 

Feel free to head right to the “Listen” tab, or click on the story summary submenu in the “The Story of GCRH” tab to get more information.            

And thanks a bundle for visiting The Great College Radio Hoax. 



What Is This?

The Great College Radio Hoax is an audio play about a group of college students who fight to keep their radio station from being shut down to make way for a television studio.  The play is fully dramatized with layers of sound effects.

Go ahead and give a listen; it’s 100% free (unless you want to make a donation, which we will gladly accept)!"

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