The Great College Radio Hoax

DPR Productions

The Scream

An original play, written by Patrick McVay.
Approx. 28 minutes.
Recorded at
First Take Studio in Boston.

Our special thanks to Philip K. Allen whose generous support made this production possible.

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The Scream


Role Actor
Eliot Neil McGarry
Judy Deborah Frieden
Leo, DJ Michael Costa
George, Paul Aaron Gilbert
Tommy Garrett Kirk
Maniac Alexander Wierzbicki

The Team

Producers: Richard Mott, Patrick McVay, David Vaughn
Directors: Richard Mott, Patrick McVay
Chief Engineer: Dan Cantor
Creative Consultant: David Bregman

Post Production: Appleton Street Audio

Original music by Notable Productions.


DPR’s First Offense

In 1991, Patrick McVay was nearly killed by Bob, a hurricane that wasn’t even a hurricane by the time it hit Boston, but nevertheless still managed to yank a wobbly window from it’s frame in an apartment building in Allston and send it crashing down onto his calf. And by that we don’t mean his baby cow. Hobbled for several months, McVay holed himself up in a tiny office in an interim apartment, where he sought to continue his streak of writing something that had no commercial potential. The offending script, titled The Scream, was embraced by his fellow producers, who got some money and energy behind it and recorded it a few short months later.

Unlike Hoax, the Scream is what one might call a thriller. To wit: the main character’s breakfast is served to him by his girlfriend, who says, “Careful. That plate’s hot.” This is a subtle and previously unheard-of literary device in which a character’s heating up of not only the meal itself but also the plate on which it is served foreshadows the main character’s potential to get burned. Or something like that. Also, the play’s obligatory hard-boiled detective (who probably eats hard boiled eggs on plates hot to the touch), tells the main character, “I’ll be like weasel on your ass!” This image is also thrilling, as there are no known undoctored photographs of a human with an actual weasel on his/her ass.

Yo, give a listen!