The Great College Radio Hoax

DPR Productions

Listen now to Episode 1

The first episode of GCRH is available to hear right now, and it lasts about 29 minutes.
There are three ways to listen to Episode 1. (We really want you to hear it!)

Method 1: Stream it now!

Just click on the play arrow immediately below this paragraph. The episode will stream and start playing immediately.
Once playing starts, you can pause/restart, and click/drag the progress marker around.

Method 2: Play with your .mp3 browser plugin

Click the link below. In some browsers the episode will start to play immediately, and continue loading in the background while you listen. In other browsers you have to wait for the entire file to transfer (approx. 12mb) before it starts to play, so be patient.

                  Listen to Episode 1 Now

Method 3: Download the .mp3 file for Episode 1

If the first two methods don't work for you, try to right click the link above (in Method 2), choose "Save As", save the file to your computer, then play the file manually in your favorite .mp3 player.


To hear more

Only Episode 1 is available to play directly from the web site. We hope it has whetted your appetite for more!

Note: the quality of the audio on this page is OK, but a little less than it might be in order to keep the file size as low as we reasonably can. If you want to hear the episode in the highest quality, please visit the Download page.

On the "Download" page you can to obtain your personal copy of all the episodes in the highest quality.