The Great College Radio Hoax

DPR Productions

How We Recorded

Most of the recording was made in the Sonic Sounds studio in Charlestown, a neighborhood of Boston. The remainder was made on location around the city.

All the recordings are digital, either to DAT or to a multi-track recorder.

A variety of microphones were used, mainly Neumann and Shure. Whenever possible the stereo was produced live, in the studio, with actors moving around the microphone as they spoke. For the technically minded, the stereo technique was MS-Stereo (mid-side stereo).

The final mix was accomplished with SAWStudio* (Software Audio Workshop) on Windows computers. In this phase the edited master studio recordings were mixed with various additional sound effects, ambient sounds and music.

SawStudio Main Screen 

* SawStudio (Copyright © RML Labs). Further details at

Recording Process

The actors speak into microphones.

Studio Microphone

Microphones feed into the audio mixer in the control room. The engineer balances actors voices and controls the volume.

 Studio Mixer

The mixed sound is recorded into digital recorders, then transferred into computer audio files ready for editing!

Wave File