The Great College Radio Hoax

DPR Productions

The Crew

The Technical Director for the recording sessions was Richard Mott.

For GCRH we used two directors: one for the actors and another for the recording. The acting director (for GCRH this was Patrick McVay) helps the actors to realize their characters and the story script. The technical director runs the control room, and makes sure that the scene "takes" are clean, usable and editable. After a scene is recorded either director might call for a "retake" for any number of reasons. Happily, Richard was fairly organized, and so we emerged from the studio with every scene "in the can." In addition, Richard selected the equipment and editing software for the production.

The studio engineer was the amazing "Bruce".

Always calm, and always in total control of a massive mixing board, Bruce rapidly impressed as an ideal engineer for GCRH.

Richard Mott
Richard Mott Bruce
Bruce the Studio Engineer


The Recording Studio

GCRH was recorded at Sonic Sounds in Charlestown, MA. We are very grateful for their expert assistance.

Studio Mixer 

Trivia: a few doors down from the studio is a Chinese restaurant called "Speedy Wongs". The author liked the name, and somehow it ended up in episode 6 when Larry orders Chinese food from a restaurant with, amazingly, the same name.