The Great College Radio Hoax

DPR Productions

DPR Productions

DPR Productions is an independent production company formed in Boston MA in 1991. DPR specializes in recording audio drama.
DPR was founded by David Vaughn (D), Patrick McVay (P), and Richard Mott (R).

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Previous Productions

Prior to GCRH, DPR produced other plays. One of them, The Scream, also written by Patrick McVay, is available to hear/download from this site. Click on the link below to discover it.

The Scream

DPR and technology

With no planning at all, the lifetime of DPR Productions has matched the development of the internet and various useful technology.

In the beginning we communicated by telephone and the US Mail. Now we use email and file transfer. Early on we recorded to analog tape, then we moved to digital tape, now directly to a computer. We started out by backing up our files to tape; now we use hard drives. Remember 56k modems? We do, and they were even written into an early  version of the script for GCRH. Of course, these days, we use the internet like everyone else.